Chicago Ember.js training

Topics Covered

  • What's new in Ember?
  • Ember App Structure
  • Lazy loading with Ember Engines
  • Ember FastBoot
  • Progressive Web App
  • Introduction to Glimmer Components
  • Ember Best practices
  • Advanced component design
  • Contextual components
  • Ember Data and data modeling
  • Advanced debugging techniques
  • Modern testing practices

Teaching style

Our objective is to build a real-world, complex, Ember app in three days. The course will assume no prior Ember experience, but will quickly move into intermediate/advanced topics. There will be "extra credit" assignments that help keep even the most advanced developer engaged and challenged. We're going to be focused on writing JavaScript. Therefore, markup, CSS, and other assets will be provided so we can focus specifically on our app's JS code. A RESTful API server will be provided, so you will not have to write any backend code during the class.

Our goal is to make the class feel like you're on a team working with an Ember core team member developing an application from the ground up.

We’ll build the app in an agile/iterative approach:

  • Look at the UI specification for the app
  • Break that specification into short, achievable goals
  • Explore each goal conceptually (why do UIs do this, how do people use it)
  • Show how Ember expresses this concept in code
  • Write and test the code
  • Debug issues as they occur


This is an advanced web development class, so you should be comfortable with Ember concepts, JavaScript, jQuery, HTTP/AJAX, HTML and CSS. We want to make sure we're building solid mental models, so we won't assume any existing Ember knowledge, but beginner concepts will be covered quickly. You should have at least gone through the official Ember JS getting started guide and the Super Rentals tutorial.

You’ll be responsible for bringing your own laptop. WiFi & power outlets will be provided at the training.

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